Silversmithing from a Miners Cottage in Ballarat

Hi there, I’m Rachel

The one woman show behind RgSilver.

Using traditional jewellery making tools and techniques the work I create is lasting, unique and precious.

By supporting RGSilver you know you are getting an authentic handcrafted piece of jewellery.

I hope you can find a special piece that makes your heart sing.

I have been making jewellery for almost twenty years. My studio is small and beloved, part of my little Miners Cottage in Ballarat. It makes me feel part of my family tradition of tinkerers. The quiet studio suits my nature.

Above all, I am meticulous and precise here. The tools I use need many years of practise and hard earned skills to produce finely crafted jewellery. Here in the studio I have the time and space to create, develop and refine my techniques. A never-ending pursuit! The outside world, for a short time, vanishes. I am in my studio letting my creativity and work evolve.

This process of creating, designing and realising my jewellery just makes me happy.
I cannot think of anything that has brought me more joy or personal fulfilment in my entire creative life.

I make jewellery for all people – designing and crafting with care and precision, using only high quality gemstones and precious metals. I use traditional techniques with hand tools to create one of a kind or very limited edition jewellery. Each stone is handpicked for its unique beauty and quality.

Rachel Grose – RG Silver