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Charleston Chrysoprase Earrings

These one-of-a-kind earrings feature natural Australian Chrysoprase gemstones. They have been bezel set (wrapped in silver) and framed in geometric textured stamping to compliment the stone. With an oxidised background (blackened) the vibrance of these stones shows to their full advantage. The design was inspired by my enduring love of elegant Art Deco’s sleek geometric forms combined with some Art Nouveau long sinuous organic lines all combined with a little romance. Named for a popular dance in the roaring 20’s, I think these earrings would have been very much at home in that era.

Hand sawn, individually stamped, cut, drilled and polished, these silver hanging works are classic and edgy. Created entirely from Reclaimed and Recycled Sterling Silver and slow crafted with much care. Each earring is hand-cut with a tiny sawblade and each pattern hand stamped and soldered together, therefore slightly unique and never perfectly matched. The gemstones are sister stones – no two ever exactly the same.

The ear hooks are also hand-fabricated from sterling silver.

The actual earring section measures approximately 50mm in length and the width 16mm (at its widest point). The gauge (thickness) of the silver is 1.2mm – making these lightweight, but durable.


Chrysoprase was used by the Greeks, Roman and Egyptians to make seals, signets, jewellery and other ornamental objects because of its vivid colour. The modern word comes from the literal Greek translation chrusos , meaning  golden, and prason , meaning leek, indicating the golden-leek green colour of the stone.

For hundreds of years, most chrysoprase was mined in Poland, but the mines there were completely depleted during the Middle Ages. Today, chrysoprase is primarily sourced from Central Queensland in Australia, although it has been found in Brazil, the Ural Mountains and California. Due to its overwhelming presence in Australia, chrysoprase is often referred to as ‘Australian jade’.

Chrysoprase is said to provide a gentle boost to your self-esteem, equalizing emotional balance and fostering acceptance of change and tolerance for others. It is known for its promotion of growth, love, and  forgiveness – qualities that everyone can benefit from.


 Made with lots of love, heart and soul.

These are ‘ready to go’ so please enjoy prompt shipping!

RGSilver products always come packaged, which is also perfect for gift giving.

The earrings also have my Makers Mark and a Sterling Silver 925 Hallmark on the reverse.


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