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Garnet Luster

These earrings feature hanging tassels of Natural Garnets that have been faceted and turned into tiny beads. I have strung them onto silver wire that allows them to move creating a gleam and flash in the light as they swing. This one-of-a-kind pair are hanging below a hand-sawn botanically inspired silhouette created and framed in silver. Each earring has hand-cut with a tiny sawblade and therefore the earrings are slightly unique and never perfectly matched, the leaves also have some texture and markings.

These beauties are rather light and elegant, and I hope will become part of your favourite go-to sets of earrings.

The finish on the silver metal has been oxidised (blackened) and then lightly polished but left with a satin shine.

The ear hooks are also hand-fabricated from sterling silver.

From the top of the ear-wire to the base of the discs these earrings measure 88mm and the width approximately 15mm. The gauge (thickness) of the silver is 2mm – making these lightweight, but durable.

Made with lots of love, heart and soul.

These are ‘ready to go’ so please enjoy prompt shipping!

Garnet is a bright red, fiery crystal of passion and is thought to be one of the oldest crystals used for spiritual protection throughout history. Its name comes from the Latin “Granatum” meaning pomegranate, due to how the crystal represents the seeds of this delicious fruit. However, Garnets are also called by other names, most commonly carbuncles meaning ‘fire coals’ because the crystal always seems to be smouldering. This provides a glimpse into its spiritual meaning.

Garnet is a Stone of Commitment because of its healing properties that can make you achieve your goals to improve yourself and your life. It can help you change old behaviours, habits, thoughts, and ideas. It can help you release your inhibitions and bolster your self-confidence. A spiritual stone of higher thinking and self-empowerment, it is also a stone of strength and safety.


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