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‘Natures own Paintings’ Collection

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Naturally Occurring Little Paintings

One of a kind hanging earrings. Featuring two unique gemstones of Dendritic Agate, bezel set (wrapped in silver) allowing these naturally occurring stone to do the speaking. These pieces are all one of a kind, no two dendritic patterns are exactly the same, so this earring pair are more like sister stones, similar but very different. In these stones the dendrites are an incredible burnt orange with dark highlights, the intricate detail on a miniature scale is very detailed, one more than the other in this pair, but they go extremely well together.

Dimensions – These oval gemstones measure approximately 25mm high X 15mm wide (at its highest and widest points not including the ear hooks)

Created entirely from recycled Sterling Silver, The Gauge (thickness) of the silver backing is 1mm making the piece strong and durable, the ear hooks are also hand fabricated and created entirely from sterling silver.

The word ‘dendrite’ comes from the Greek Word ‘dendron’ meaning ‘tree.’

Dendritic Agate or Quartz is created when the stone fractures and water and minerals seep into the rock and fossilise, the end result over hundreds of thousands of years is a beautiful section of quartz with a highly filigreed mineral dendritic landscape locked inside. Dendrites are fern-like inclusions of iron, manganese, or other metallic oxides that create bold patterns within the gem. The internal dendrites may appear black, dark grey, brown or green and, in rare instances, even red.

Healing Properties – Often called the ‘Stone of Plenitude’, Dendritic Agate is associated with abundance, prosperity and growth – not just monetary, but in every aspect of ones life. It can enhance one’s self confidence and perseverance, as well as transform negative energies (both in the environment and the body) into positive energies.

Made with lots of love, care, heart and soul.

These earrings are ‘ready to go’ so please enjoy prompt shipping!

RGSilver Products always come packaged in black velvet, which is also perfect for gift giving.

My Makers Mark and a Sterling Silver 925 Hallmark are on the reverse of one of the earrings.


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