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Microscape Marvel Pendant


Natures Own Paintings Collection

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Microscape Marvel Pendant

Marvel at the intricate dendrites in this remarkable stone. The dendritic agate gemstone features a landscape image brimming with tiny details that invite closer inspection. A window cut out on the reverse allows the light to shine through, highlighting the delicate craftsmanship and creating a transparent effect that showcases the beauty of these miniature landscapes

These stones are known as Dendritic Agate and the little scenes are naturally occurring. This makes each piece completely unique- each little scene slightly different. There are also inclusions and tiny cracks in the stone, but they will not develop further. The colours are really hard to capture with dendrites creating warm oranges, reds and browns. I have created a window in the backing plate so that you can hold the piece up to the light and see the scene even more clearly.


17mm (at its longest point) 20mm (at its widest point) and 4mm (at its highest point)


Made with recycled sterling silver this stone is bezel set (surrounded with .5mm fine silver with a sterling silver backing plate of 1mm gauge. This will make your piece solid, weighty and last a lifetime)

This piece was incredibly enjoyable to create. Layering, hand-stamping, sawing, texturing, soldering, and polishing are just some of the steps taken to bring it to life. Each process done with care and accuracy to create a piece that will last a lifetime.

Made with lots of love, care, heart and soul.

This pendant is ‘ready to go’ so please enjoy prompt shipping!

RGSilver Products always come packaged which is also perfect for gift giving.

This pendant comes with a fine, excellent quality sterling silver chain. (you have a choice of lengths)

My Makers Mark and a Sterling Silver 925 Hallmark are on the reverse of this pendant.


Additional information

Chain Length

45cm, 50cm, 55cm


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