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Midnight Silver Blooms


Limited Edition Silver Garden Collection

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Midnight Silver Blooms

These limited edition of works have been cast in silver from foraged and collected little botanicals I have gathered from my backyard and on my frequent meandering walks.

This pair of small stud earrings feature tiny cast succulents- hand selected from my garden. The earrings are elegant and quite lightweight – making them very easy and fun to wear.

These were incredibly enjoyable to create, and very time consuming. To cast these little wonders, I attach a number of baby succulent buds to a wax sprue. The wax is then placed into a cylinder and filled with a liquid investment plaster that sets overnight. The cylinder mould is then placed upside down in a kiln and heated up until the succulent and wax sprues have completely burned away. Using a centrifugal casting machine recycled sterling silver is spun into the mould taking on the exact shape of the leaf left in the plaster. I then saw off the sprue and attach the silver wire to create the stud section of the earrings. Each process done with care and accuracy with some of the pieces not casting exactly as I would like! These earrings were a great success.

Created in recycled sterling silver, this precious metal has been oxidised (blackened) and then lightly polished but left with a satin shine. Each earring is uniquely cast and therefore slightly unique and never perfectly matched. I make sure each earring is as close to a mirror image of its other half in design as possible.

Dimensions – Each earring measures approximately 9mm (diameter) Created entirely from reclaimed and recycled Sterling Silver.  

The ear studs are also hand-fabricated from sterling silver.

Made with lots of love, heart and soul.

These are ‘ready to go’ so please enjoy prompt shipping!

This piece is part of a limited edition series where I have duplicated this design by creating a small mould that can be reused for up to 10 times.  

RGSilver products always come packaged, which is also perfect for gift giving.


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